One Best Friend to Another

Pressure and giving up are from the same cloth:
nylon, with velcro glued on. Branded, patented,
and unnatural; this connection is made to for its 
own removal. Leashed by expectations, we are a
precision pair, as clear as red and green, with no
room for yellow. On this island, we last men forgot
to bring the one book we would have brought--
and there is no clear way out. What canine hominid 
concatenation brought us here, to the edge, to 
the shore, to the late day full sun that makes olive
trees sing and the both of us pant? There's the 
obsessions, of course. Fuzzy tails and rectangular 
screens distract us cousins from what we see in
each other's eyes: anchors, prison, affection, 
interest, and an unlimited cascade of nasal
jewels, prepared to incite the memory of 
every day since we first found ourselves
breathing our mutual air.

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