Delicately Sensible

Gentle is as wisdom does
Domes of history rock buzz
Sonic friction mellows sounds
As coffee fiction sullies grounds

Fated pasts are patterns stormed
Lightning struck as presents normed
Gifts of tabs are window snug
As worthless labs goad pulling rugs

But then the breakthrough is a good
That spark that brought our fire from wood
Also anti bio tics
Safety loving sharing pics

Which are more than what we need
When food is rampant, does not feed
Grown from human sediment
Primordial and soupy bent

Now the best we do is fall
Losing power and the call
To defend the lost and costed
Now our words are frost and frosted

Bending knees is better yet
When that wasn't craving set
Habits formed on other's backs
Must be broken, fade to stacks

Read the room and liberation
Library tomb makes veneration
Words can crowd and push and grow
As our gentle wisdom snow

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