Amazon Slime and the Holy Boast

Groaned delivery: it's a sad world.
Exploitation is relative, 
when siblings have been many times removed
the human family reels 
like so many fish on so many hooks.
Our sentence runs on
paid for by the word
of some god whose idea of ice
is just around someone else's corner.
Stored for the millennium?
A kingdom on earth?
It's the wise idea of hell
that sprays this bush 
with burning tears
and oily gas.
Repetition serves the habit
and we may be pattern creatures
but we are also creators
rights and lefts and swerves
accelerants, spread by absurd mouths,
unnaturally selected 
by fire and flood and stone.
Find your bread by the light of the river.
Hold the moon when the cycle's sliver.
Hold your closeness as it shivers.
And sleep off the impulse
to take your fellows
and make them your followers.

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