Compulsion Colors

It comes across as a puzzle
and the message is: like likes like--
whose similar tones are complemented,
affirmed by their neighbor pieces:
you fit, we are a we and we shall fit be.

It's that that it's no distraction when 
indefinite particles join together,
a deionization which must not deny
that many a combination 
is random and unforeseeable 
until the experiment is held. 

Try, try, try, and again we 
become more than one and
the sum is never zero;
subtraction is a mythology 
held up by the comparative religions
meant to spike the so-called unfaithful
into a volley of nets. 

Rather! Be among, let the limbic lamb
bleat and carry forward 
and still-attached wool nuzzle
that will make the sheep into 
its dog and shepherd and grass
and every rage will see its partners
in brilliant fractal glow.

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