Spiral, Scribble

Puzzles nuzzle single answers 
While chaos is reality's flag
Torn and reassembled
To hang over the tears and smiles

Arbitrary sailors are dead
Reckoning with inevitability
And lucky possibilities

The ocean's a place and a way
Undulation guarantees servility
To stochastic commandments
And the principled failure of reason

Why, though, can't higher powers 
Inexplicably carve their names 
Into burned-down amazons 
And fire-fouled rivers?

Understanding is overcoming
And the misunderstood does not beg
For it is on the top for the hierarchical
And the foundation of all that can be

Reasonable heads demand severed lines
Thoughtful minds wish on static stars
Whose light is a like a lie:
Not here, not now, not ever
As it is and ever shall see

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