Easy Hearts Echo Ends

Repertoires scold themselves:
Shelves carry the weight of 
Organized minds and bend
When disorder singes their
Bindings. The chorus absolves 
The lyricists: do as you did and
Your heart can beat easy. Capital 
Ideals schedule freedom for the
Time between work and an 
Arbitrary weekend; do as you
Did and you heart can beat easy.

Frameworks are tempters who
Won't respond to socio-cultural
Constructs, solipsisms are rulers
Who can't measure themselves:
Anthropomorphic nod in a deified
Direction; do as you did and your
Heart can beat easy. Lean and leave
Over sides who have outgrown 
Tribute and assemblage, breakdown
Must follow the afterdeath overglow;
Swear to cycle, it's the law of circles--
Do as you did and your heart can beat easy.

Feldspars, gelded scars, fragility's potency:
A list is as strong as its number and as weak
As Oxford's command; imperial decline is
The fungus loom, spinning mushrooms 
From sphagnum and slime into a post-
Forest equilibrium, homeostasis knows 
To do as you did and your heart can beat

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