Fruit looms spin yarn from seed to salience
Khartoum flames indicate speed and curses
Thrown from one potent to a second power
Given to exponential thrushes in prison's tower

Bird gain is flighty feet
Civil disdain, wingless sheet
Cover the faces of softness with fright
Never naïve from this innocence blight

To make is to generally direct 
Specifics to feint and then off defect
Sides are the symptom of war's fight disease
Split from the center and not a word please

Censors on metals with mettle for lunch
Teeth under jawbones with unhealthy crunch
Grated like ease into little blade blue
Reddened by impact and cratered with hue

The poems of life, they each observe death
Of all that surrounds and then lacks for breath
Writing in surplus will quiet defeat
Lacking the will to flee humanity sleet

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