You Said It

Calf, eine, one linguist at a time,
music to my fears,
clapboard brisure, briskly flapping apart,
as with the anachronism (flag)
pledged to remain halved, staffed,
middle managed to get where it wasn't going
as the administrator's admonition  
breaks castles into surveyor
and noble dignity.

Sentence structures cluck at manual style;
shift, rather, automatically, autonomically,
guarded by instinct,
graded by pluck and blink,
eyes having, and it and it and it,
specific, no, parenthetical, 
that's---carried, interested, fractious taxation,
deathly in its certain debts,
paid by society to itself
such that things mix and stick and cock their heads
anthropomorphically resonant across 
earths that get their name
from shattered dirty minds.

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