Sim Thopter

Given to stored elegies
For money
I mean security

That's what narrators do
In the spin of the neuronal stink
Creched out and blonked 

Michigoth, are you a beachland?
Contain your punctuation
It's going to be a programmed one

Thusly, fussly, frailty is a virtuous status
Put it on your libra
Coined by the faces who considered:

Veritable tas, you were the wish's truths
Singular, yes?
Caryatid, pejoratations, rain magicians

Pay! One way or the second way (the same)
Underdone, Mr. Death, ee, ee, ee,
You missed your period

After you stopped seeing
Mines in the mirror
And forwent the me and me and me

Cantankerous, I'll metaphor before 
Cancer comes back
And says: remit, the fee is greater 

Than that which you wished to send
I'll stay here then

Not on your death
Do I repeat myself?
Such is the way 

That cruft gets between
My gnarled,
Sucked out teeth

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