Confusion’s Pleas(e)

add another awkward dose
to the simmer and the cot
sleep can be a bit verbose
as shimmers fall as snot

sunlight dances through the clouds
making branches sway
hide me under boundless shrouds
as i timid play

gain the adjective adept
mainly noun and fronds
piles and miles unfit for kept
wishes skeptics' ponds

grow a million micro dots
then back tears in ahs
sigh the inky dinky blots
interpret fas as las

another morning mourns the whine
sadness chills the bone
under green and gray and fright, spine-
ways spill out moans

paraphrase and colon out:
dotted lines are spice
instructions frail atone with pout
one and one and trice

happiness is not thus wise
opposites not real
faces do not know their eyes
emotions cannot feel

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