Crack & Spite Photo

Long exposure provides quick decay
A value in service to rock tidal spray
Components of parts and their modified tiles
Painted and feinted and tainted in piles

Spratly and Caucus your regions are dust
The ironed out pieces of blood steel & rust
Fight for the oil and stay for the farms
Way out of notions the fist and the harms

Fissures make tissues from partridges' shoes
These talents are talons constructed from glue
Horses were dusted and rusted and busted
To carry our loads on roads that none trusted

Factual friction makes fire without air
Oxygenation's a nation with flair
Together in heat and apart in the cold
By crooked and hooked the face over fold

Websites and cad bites are codfish and blown
Out from the windlass and lighthouses mown
Down from a lawn and up to the steed
We photographed mischief to preposition speed

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