Frigidity’s Python

Cold blood on a cold day in hell
makes a hollow promise for guilt
and shame and slithering evil.

Parallel structure requires an above,
a middle, and a below, but when 
temperatures are no longer relative
to morals, the weather men must 
put on their hats and walk into
Lucifer's office to beg forgiveness
for that which they may not control. 

God's watching; he has money on 
the fate of a washed up meteorologist
whose faith is resting in a marsh
covered in ice and frozen snakes.

Saints play their flutes and their side bets
hoping to receive another earthly painting
with another golden halo
in a canon that shoots them well.

Moses and Shiva co-own a limited liability company
hedged for any chaos -- Nassim Taleb isn't even on the board.

Eskimos are selling ice 
to frozen devils
in exchange for their pound of flesh.

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