Dog’s Ma

Ideology's a stitch
in history. 
Time's civil dragons:
where there be maps,
lie believers. 

Cemetery hounds dig 
and dig and dig to 
bury their pasts in the 
dirty hind paws 
that wish it were 
as it never was.

Have faith, ye herdsmen,
your sheep love shepherds
more than a comfortable shear.

Anachronistic language will
find harsh judges among 
contemporary worshippers
who believe so strongly that
now is a razor upon which to 
shave that they've kneel before
accurate clocks to indicate 
that modernity is
the deity du jour.

Other thinkers run
at the permanent wall:
how can a human 
transcend the brackets
of a little life to break 
the telomeres that bind
and use the pieces to 
write the opus, 
the manifesto,
and carve a face
into permanence rock.

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