The subconscious is only a spirt if one rejects history.
The eerie and unexplained are merely wanderers in search of opposition. 

To let the thread float into deep space is to reject the possibility that light
might find your questions before you pass away. 

Feel the feeling of a corner-of-the-eye incredible possible perfect:
cloudburst mid-day rainstorms with speckled sun;
superlative piano on seven thousand horses of acoustic stampede;
a soul joining between kindred minds and vibrating essences;
while the above smell like the above, heaven lives at sea level.

To dream is to accept that everything is happening as it is,
while to live is to interpret dreams and act on what could be;

a person can become stuck in the image and get the impressions 
burned into a memory that refuses to believe that faith can become
a future.

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