Learned Society

Indoctrination enables representation.
Nobility makes voting easy:
choose the dignified and you will live
in a penumbra of dignity.

Everyone remembers the bad times
and wishes it were fifty years ago.
The nostalgia promise is an on behalf of
that will never deliver mail
to the passive postcard receivers. 

We didn't earn it and we won't
get it.
That's why one must
give up on an honorable society;
it's so well past dead
burnt up past crisp
into carcinogen land
whose metaphor is not an illness
it's the surely you won't last long.

Easy money dribbles 
unless power's waterfall
drills holes in the heads
of whoever used to own this land
and whoever will buy these overcooked
materials at the markup marketing marked.

There is no alternative.
That is always true.
The present is a totality
and history is shifty blue.

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