Finding Uselessness

All those esses looking me in the face.
What do they want, the curves in the signifier?
To remain empty, to avoid purpose.

I wish for missions when I'm mish-mashed against walls
of structural and personal making. 

It's a plea for authority, a person or idea
to tell me what to do. 
But that the opposite of independence,
not having any reason for going from one moment
to the next.

Time is a prison if it causes effects. 
Affects, no defects.

Status ladders are rung-bound 
to remain where they stick
so something else can climb
from the bottom fiend
to the top fool.

One can play any game
but that means becoming 
the rules and the objective.

One can be in a field
without expecting 
the sun or a storm or boons.

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