Retirement Sage

Retirement is harder to prepare for
than work.
There is no masters degree
in productive leisure.
No community of practice
for the no longer practicing. 

It's a sad sad spurn
when that place you went
can't be there for you any more 
than you could have signed your own paychecks.

Independence and freedom are not 
one's anonymous
while the other hates where it is.

Escape is a multilingual allegiance
to get out and then get out again
to live by migration
and die by stasis
sales make ex-change
into other people's money.

Numbers fail when the age gets high:
every additional day
is worth more than any hour's pay
and the puzzle pieces 
are now obviously missing;

you'll never finish
but if you're careful
you might see that starting was worth
not another penny.

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