Reasonable Out

Democracy is a synonym for failure and safety, a concatenation that requires
a portmanteau that sounds like fealty but doesn't smell like feudalism; that 
chicken don't hunt and those dogs don't judge the scraps that come down
from a table now overflowing, now broken. An economy is a legend, a 
dragon who can only be slain by the bravest, most talented connoisseur 
of swords and limited liability. Rather, there be snakes. The map's edges
reveal much that has been hidden, see: theft and lies and fractious denials.
Indices won't tell even part of the story, and glossaries may as well never
have been printed. You've gotta go outta the book and into the day, breathe
deep the exhaustion and sweat the sweat of brows and everyone else. There's 
no other way to know, but there's no way to know. That's how understanding
contradicts reason: cause shares a car with effect, but they somehow both crash
at a different intersection.

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