The Intellectual Caste Is Terrified

Remember when the rich trembled in the face
of an iron curtain and the execution of kulaks?
Genuine property winces, the authentic McCoy,
drooling over a wild west where the better gun
always won, these are the now-cautionary tales
for the the mind-fields. The grains wave at amber,
for these mosquitoes are the frozen blood that 
artificials suck to understand how to resurrect 
every Tolstoy and Plato and Keats and Confucius;
it's over for those extinct and their descendants
and the so-called modern philosophers and their
journalists are not delighted. "Oh the humanity!
We disappear into the pile of machines, Taiwan
and all that means geopolitically, not solved, 
dissolved, as we warned and warned and warned
(not to mention warmed and warmed and warmed)."
I nearly caught that drift, and thank shakes I failed,
the red tide is a hurricane on plastic currents pretending
to be recyclable. Rage tempted both sides (and their isms)
to pledge allegiance to themselves and their ilk. That is
no way to be a country and no way to make hay out
of East Coast oysters (there are no prizes at the 
bottom of cereal boxes anymore). For profit and
something to do, the captains of academia and 
industry no longer represent an apex, as there
is a new predator in town, and it's made of 
lasers and without eyes. Zero and one swapped
places as education and wealth both became
historical moot pointers, educators for the 
next rulers in the length of a king's foot.
What are the alternatives for those who
want to live and be thoughtful? Be full
of thoughts and stop trying to fill up time
and space. All becomes what all fears and
tears make smiles and touch makes dear.

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