The Confusion Embedded in Structural Analysis and Critique

Hypocrisy, yes. It's the shame-fuel for most negative connotations.
Fine. Consistency, though, defies time and the personal choice machine.
Yes! Both the group and the person are complex. And yet, can't we
build an argument for a simple recipe for deletion and traction?
It's against the contraction and the artificially didactic program.
Assertions! Carry your loads from one camp to the next, and make 
certain to see the forest for the tents. Enfold your morality in an 
ethical sandwish, that's how the stars use baloney and let us may
be noises. The thread is not even lost. Vague fights obscure 
for the primal firestorm: can the airplane put Pandora into 
a standard container? Another line is sure to encircle the 
enemy, and pay the bill with another automated advertisement.

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