Seeing and Being Seen

Do I wish to be read by the best readers 
while I'm still alive? 
Such conceit!
Such disregard!

Who dares speak such a desire
into our indifferent unipolar icy caps?
Money can't buy money, but it can 
burn happiness.

Smoke that hundred dollar cigar
and feel your lungs fill with
your regrettable cascade.
That's how a life ends early,

and now we say too soon.
Before it was just Fate, 
God, Divinity Suspended,
or No Reason At All.

We know now it's low brow
to do what you did.
That's why it's on television 
on the internet

on the phone
on the contact 
with another voice
in different failure codes.

All the more reason to 
pray to nothing
as hard as cans can
kick trash

and wish someone
would remark:
that was the best punt
I've seen all day.

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