Manic magic won't rustle ten thousand foot feathers
They're walking on cumulus 
Irreverent, useless, in the throat of ritual conduction

Electric ozone, you danced the jangle
Dangled artifice 
To win the angler sun

Dribble darkness, a parable, stowed under the 
Backed up seat 
A car claim, technoblob

Carts and horses stampede
If you're paying too much attention
Debt, that's the lenten fealty

To the capital mess
Whose capped step ladder
Won't admit jumps 

Up, down, but sideways - ellipsis 
And temptation will three dot
To the left

And support not the bereft
But that's a gilt story
Clothed in built environments

Adapted to by the mass 
Hog shipped
Sheep dipped

Ice cream conical swerved
Don't call it a grumstack
That's where the coal dust

Turns to star crusts
Thrown away by a god
Who only sort of breads

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