Reason vs. Morality

The angel of death nailed a hundred and forty images of 
Martin Lucifer to the big bank door
To articulate chagrin at the interpretation
Of work as a balled up bounce
Along identical well-trained lines.

Obscurity, thighs named quadrupeds:
Eventual humans,
As progress makes the Man,
Of course, of course,
Obviation is the same
As oblivion.

Under height, eat more.
Under wait, drink.
Bore domination
is a calculated fracture
whose facts burn peoples
with imaginaries who fawn the flames.

Deduct your effort from your death & taxes:
if you earned it, they will come to take 
your shared prosperity
and apply it to 
red wined communion.

Another cath in the ductwork 
to ensure that no yellow waiting
sits between red and green;
symbols, the narrator's interrogation
of Jain Jacobin, on the Jung Coke,
bottled in foo's cold ianific.

Celebrate your negation capability?
Warm machine on a hot day.
Dictate your work to the workers,
and wait for the cash to rain.

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