Management: attempted relief from status sensitivity

Rabbits and foxes, are you appropriate 
analogical holes?
Schedule a hedgehog to be sure.

Concentrate: organ sluices
make a body wish to be 
seen good.

Don't come into a grammar spool
without a doctrine of inevitability.
Instruct the genre:
take play 
and turn it into 
measurable work.

That's what the ratchet wrenches 
burn onto the hearts of the 
less motivated -- 
unless irons earn their y
in the fires of organized soup.

Minstrels strode into town rectangles
to city up their feathers,
while today, the sensation
that tingles from potency
carps to fingernail noodling.

Beacon's Bacon marks a science
with an artistic flair
meant to aggrandize the spoils
of a personal interdisciplined core.

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