Your sallow definitions 
retired early into 
not what experts call
but into a scattered chatter
discursively identical
to the total anthropond;

the end is beer
a melted vanilla 
scooped under an 
effervescent crescent
to do what;

spilled questions
stain fablecloths
undoing myths
that didn't carry leaf;

speaker, lost soles
mouth to toe exaggeration
that doesn't require
a spirit analogue 
to digitize a knife;

edges span the candle trust
signed and sealed with bloody dust
I went into thou and back
made a deal
and lost its knack
for window cleaning
info grease
elbow preening
on stretchy dials
eclectic phones 
on estate pail sounds
echo technics 
pyrite, won't make mine;

none the wise will make ashore
the boats that rode the horsehair 
chores -- brushed on stolen 
liquor snores
sleepy mint will breathe 
a score
winner squared 
until sigmoid tore
inflection ligamental door.

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