Simmer a sweet reduction

Zarathustra pleaded: the last one can't be
self or satisfied (exhausted in the search
for that unattainable communion).

May yet be, 
but his creator 
was a man without another person,
alone in the viscous
absolute insensate 
whose solitude must be penance
for a humanity that won't 
accord with its own.

Another interpretation of relating
is an option among many.
Between the forest, the trees,
and any of the creatures,
there are many protagonists,
prepared to become themselves
and riddle any me
with thistles and ivy.

Simmer a sweet reduction 
in force and desire
for the sacred cows
who, in death,
make the stars 
and love
and every one
fold into fractal multitudes
which won't bother to support themselves
under any condition or weather.

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