The Critical and the Powerful

Going gets gone when it calls its shot. 
Statements that rankle wear shirts that wrinkle.
Symbiosis, yes, the linguistic arbiters feed on the owners of the means of willing.
It's a dialectic!
Spared by the uneasy conflict, these two teams play in the advertising bowl,
eating the hot cheat sheets before the pretzels.
Why write?
Why win?
I've got no beef;
didn't have the stomach
for the houses where cows go.
Reification doesn't smell compelling either;
who one is 
requires no math.
Biographies are the perfectly appropriate relation
between the chronicle
and its creators;
I will watch the commercial
and save the documentary
for the supremely rainy day.
Millennialism has a beginning of the world problem:
a thousand years is harder to count
than a calendar's dreams.
And who's really asleep
when time zones are revealed
for what they've always been:
a journalistic cabal
to cable out to the universe
the crisis of the capital plot.

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