Double Creature

I saw a butternut1. I was a tree2. My hands cried3.
Long sentences4 carry double the meaning5.

Feet note6 what you see as you hear7. 
How many minutes can a wire8 flim-flam, man9?

Develop literature10 in the name of death11!
Hero12 is a crowded vision13 for maw14 competition15.

1. At twelve o'clock midwestern time, a squash lost its second name and only knew orange insides.
2. Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly and woke up to wonder which way was which; I'm daydreaming coniferously. 
3. Why does one remove fingernail tips?
4. Lifelong is an inhumane length.
5. Don't take the existentialist word for truth; meanings are every, edible, and editorial.
6. Never end notes.
7. Waves are hellos.
8. Extrude is a most wieldy word.
9. sic
10. Give me liberty.
11. See the dictionary entries for birth and life.
12. The new apprentice.
13. Like a mission, but with drugs.
14. Lions swallow meat after it's torn off.
15. Society, pej1.

1. Taking a break from overusing pejorative. Abbreviations save knives.

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