Inner Ring Offramp

God being off the menu
I don't usually have time for your
Lions or your witches

But today, C.S.,
Your points
Make a compass

Depart from inner ring desire
Makes for a mantra
I'm finally ready to follow

Lamps and geniuses
Seemed to deserve to wield
Their wands and power

I may wish your sermon
Had been at my ceremony
To lead this fish to water

That's another inner ring dream
To fly to the end of an essay
Is the same motive that corrupts by degree

To know! To be among!
An equal unequaled
That's what the cup feels like on the lips

Sobriety is calling
A whisper: back
To where your steps are up, down, and sideways

And where inside
Is just like our everywhere outside
North, without purpose or envy

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