Effort and Direction

Hooked, lined, sinkered,
I ate merit pills
Hard worked
And dreamed USA dreams

Pledged that my allegiance
Would abstract to the store
Paying consumption taxes
Modifying not the core

A road was paved
And Eisenhauer said it best too:
Plans are capital
But planning is religious

Credit shards fortified
This lovely cola drink
As I strove to quantify
My critical interlink

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    1. I think we’re pretty stuck with capitalism for a while, in the same way we became stuck with language. Money and ownership won’t go away, but it’s my hope that money and ownership become more like libraries and wikipedia: people might play games to optimize their novels and poems in social structures like lit mags and MFA programs, but everyone can text/read/write; capitalism’s creations – hospitals, homes, food, medicine, transportation, will hopefully go the same direction.

      1. That’s a really good future to hope for. I Just think there should be a cap to everything. I also think any more money than you make after that limit should be taken and refunded into the system to build roads, fund hospitals and nonprofit programs (so that does mean no taxes because everyone knows taxes don’t do what they actually claim to do). I also think that excess money should help the poor as well (who is poor for reasons outside of their control). It’s a developing idea/belief, but that is where I am with it so far 🙂

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