Arch Techsure

Are you the katydid whispered
in the thousand and second night?

Surely your Homer was never a nineties
mission accomplished carrier flight.

What certitude you wish to carry!
In that briefest narrator's case,
shells from peanut M&Ms
that you peeled to get centre right.

Toxico Politicarrion, you'll be right 
at home in a state with crap
architecture and a petri fish
one germaphone call away.

Mr. Samuel, what umbridge
could you hold over my head
until the twain shall sleet?

I'm certain that your fake
philoshod shoes 
will plot a demise
worthy of that candlewick sucker

(wort be the name)
who, the original Girardian,
sacrificed all but himself
on the liberty library altar.

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