Poetry is where philosophy gets its hypotheses

Ten minutes in the shower
Where hot water balloons sans balloon
Are chucked at the skin to stimulate sensory over
Code breakers who wish to make logic bend to
Science and religion and reality and belief
It's an argument line, legs kicked up, dancing 
With wolfish academics who merely test the fossilized 
Shit from long-ago Greek crassholes
Give me triviality, or give me tenure! 
Better both, you can hear them say
I love the new question
What some call
On a recurring basis
The New Art
The freshest statement
With that curly tail sticking up over its dot
Ready for the real world's laboratory 
Rumi Hafiz Rilke:
I'm the one asking the questions
Undeniable, if cliché, "good cop"--bad policy
Marx wrote:
Once hear within yourself those strings that play
Your steps to wander shall not further stray. 
At least according to an only slightly sketchy
Which will be where my obituary will slur as well
Until humanity goes full Borg
And the web is merely interlocking memories 
In humans who live a thousand years

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