A Cynic’s Evolution

Buildings. Obscuring views, making pollution, upping costs. 
What glasses can I-ronically wear to ignore
these ignoble leasts?

Flickers on unshrouded eyes beg, differ:
see the needs
feel the peals
smells the poses
let bygones be human.

Each fragment connects another component
of this million-piece puzzle
entangled in spite of its semi-permanent separation;
there's no box to clarify
what was what may what becomes. 

Pressed together mazes labyrinth their verbs 
and concoct images who may, to do the frippery mind,
result in drunken outrage.

But sober blood bleeds toward the center of our hearth:
together makes music go from vibration to body politic
and decision matrix to mungy mathless field.

Mushroom the silicon;
defang ownership by leaving its teeth
to sink into the sea that May rained onto the valley.

A dawn rectitude filters nothing,
fragments each lucid minute
out of sixty secundis and into barometric bliss.

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