Stallcrash Prevention

Fly less, if your wings are effortful.
Scry mess and your future's chaos
can gracefully perturb the ready quake.
Squirm snow squishes itself
when the time is near for an icy shelf.
Rhythm choirs are merry sounds
as non sequitur lines are fairy squalls.
Meaning quivers at language's gate
witty steins raise suds to fate.
Sentence case will never quit
adjudication jury spit.
Justice fervor's smarmy swell
unavoided mish and mell.
Practical and practice crew
melted spoon competed, slew. 
Underdone and out of fashion
sticky bundle power passion.
Demos graft and skinny skiff
beauty 'stetic manor riff.
Unbeknown the St. be roaded
ways are brays that have been goaded. 
Wildly brine the winning boar
guilty cook and slaughter spore.
Vegan life and moral play
work on quarts and warts and pray.
Couples let their guarded down
upper scupper barded crown.
Crook and germ and shep and herd
might stricture fictive nerd.
On the phone and picky pants
letting roam the flicky rants.

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