Feel for froth 
Fickle fires flit, fie for familial fountains
What's missing
Or are we perhaps 
Already there
Excess language! 
Too many words! 
EB White says, read your Stephen King
And there you have it
Instructions from folly-hoos
J. Pete's son
Olive Butter
Sorrow Crow
Sordid Snow
Each heaves a flight 
Merely to waste fuel
And get a nap
And of course
You're paid 
In kindness and respect
Otherwise known as power,
That which you willed
Is a comma-and the 
Same difference
As a new line?
Questing marks and failed language
Sometimes, rather than a word,
I would use a character sketch,
But this processor does not accept
Such digressions from lettered linguistics
It is conservative in that way
And who called upon who?
Another quest, failed in its jest
I was leaning too close to the screen when I typed this one
Can you tell

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