dusk storms twilight on lavender clouds 
a sailboat blizzard threatens a suspended 
bridge to night: fallen mid-winter

upon arrival, sightless owls feign spectacles
wisdom chastises candor for inattention
to transitional certain errors

watch from behind the glasses
all and sun-dried prepositions
repeat their pattern sketchpads

jewelry's dreamy sapphire
tightens tongues where the eyes connect
physio's logic or spear it you all

shadows make golden bracelets dully thud
against wristwatchers and their ilk:
predicted cut, sliced without fatal permission

investorgate: an equity partnercar driven 
more miles than the crime fit 
a capital distraction from this illustrated moment

back to the green flash: once in a daytime
colonic splash, a too-dramatic non-sequined visual field
fallow until proven silty

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