Alas Time

Thumbs can't fill in for every finger
Shorthand phrases the popular 
With a new speaker hue 
Call it an impression 
Without the precise word 

Rule sands tar streets 
No passing lane, ever
And don't cut my words 
You devil, you curd 
Milk aged and so did the second 
Personal minus sign 
Added to equivocation 
Judge not length, syllabic smarm 
Smirks go distance 

I'm space, star wreck 
Implied referent 
Irreverent cynistetic pleat 
Pants, sheep, and a cradled umbrella 

Comprehension is for the phantom 
Dreamers who fail to fail to see 
That life, capitalized punishment,
Carries the one 
And sentences each to purgatory 
As flat circles are your witness 
And sad granules 
Declare a salt for every wound

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