Language Breathing

So, words are better learned in context;
when plastic brains see the forest and every 
bark-bound tree. Eye's ear hears what noses
see: artful play, joyful brays. Animus won't 
rise from animal sprites whose myths each
surprise the otherwise trite. Parentage, under
belly-ache, there's porpoise leap palliation for
the pure air that comes when breath becomes
snare. Clever conceits' titular claims can hold 
up in court while the thoughtful hand lets them
pass through the fingers.

I thought it might be fun to append a poem or two with language and poetry and cause and effect discussion(s). The above piece, as with much of my work, grows out of an idea’s seed, and then changes its genus several times throughout. These shifts are sometimes deliberate mutations, and in other places they are responding to the internal or external consciousness environment in less effable ways. For example, when this poem shifts from language and the child’s exceptional ability to learn easily and playfully to animism and then to “clever conceit” language artifice, there is a strain of growing up and losing something that follows, but there was no plan to develop an animal or courtroom metaphor, these came out of the air.

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