Bad Glass

Ripped a shard from time's fabric
Naked as imperial space, the galactic spiral 
Mug chucks against mirror luck

To risk bloodstream entries
Who might enter valve heartstrings
And tinkle the harpsicord aortal firmament

A blade by any other shame makes a guilt glade
Into paradise's cost: snake bit by apple wit
Never return knowledge to its shelved hell

Eden mirages shimmer over asphalt stardust
Just justice will blow the belt off these asteroids
Pants down, planets take light granted for flimsy proof 

That the many verse trips its way 
On predestiny to fateful meetings with chaos
Random stalks grow out from expected mirthsteam

Boiled sunspots, eleven minutes, al dente photons
Blue shift their way through faying trace colors
To moon the spectral tides with a stripped bad glass 

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