Tis The Beast

Frowned down to the bound-town
Paper millions acquire the taste
For the that first letter b
Zeros and comma commanders
Enumerate what one's denominator cannot:
Desperate crimes call for vesper mesmers
Villanelle croupes dog toad throats
Call and despondence, mail and vigor
Vim the trigger-hand, slap-dashed 
On Kafka, on Sartre, Kierkegaard mountain
Who's afraid of the bitter cad Kant?
Miser indices and Gini coefficients
Are stare friction, care fictions 
Progress toward your toe P uh
Semi period colonoscopies reveal
Polls up for sale; realer than estate nails
Hammer remover looks like a screw
On mane street, lions beguile masses
Striped on credit swipes, bought to pay for
The higher ways that may yet be

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