Gift Horse Dentistry

Freely giver gotten pain
Start relate remorse restrain

I flit flirted with monumental accelerations;
Fiery brain jerked itself from gutter to peak.
How can one fist punch itself?
A self's hand handshake, left handed.

Money troubles souls to derivative reverie
Honey suckled ghoul's thousand percent gratuity

Rain urbane dribbled out jet city's mouth
And into my lonely maw: could such a slog
Become a heroic journey? Spartan spars 
Knew termites better than support.

Thus a truss besotted rust
Muss be must a rotten gust

Untried untrue I chaired a table
To sit and spit and snit remit.
Service flare unstable spoke
Broke my bare unable spine.

Weakness is as bleakness gray
Gift horse cavity dismay

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