Work Zitch

Orders, only orders.
Nailed my choices to the walls,
food for writs of thought-smack.
Who, the wielder, welder, melder:
slacks the lineage to goodly gelder.
Manufacture fact and ficks,
log the woods for sentence sticks.
Mount a rhyme to pie their pipers
distribution's snail bell gripers.
Slimy ringtone green alert
nature cannot capture dirt
all the windows shut on growth
suffocation stopped at oaths.
More and stores and retail thirst
advertisers got there first.
Sow the doubt so no one sees
oily rivers dying bees.
Cynicism darkly wrought
by the people selling bought.
Environoxious let's just leave
Mars and Venus future eaves.
Home was nice but we need heat
break off roof and floorboard sheets
burn it all or all will freeze
that's the work that zitches ease.

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