Light Work

Moral fiber protestations: work ethic thanks be to 'god'.
Check it out: it's honorable, dignified, and exceedingly aligned
with everything the world has in its coffers.
Snort gold dust off your mirror: penultimate glory accrues to 
those who diligently wait, scoldingly speak, and guardedly care.

Escape from how it is: ha; haha. Sound-words rank alongside 
swords in their incoherence; cut? Question? Oink? Pig satin 
must sob its bacon heart out at the smell scourge coursing 
across vane heartsickness; you haven't seen your aorta in a while?

Such is the impermanent spatula, over easy medium manufacturing
messages who characterize morose frills by burned out, harrowed looks.
Lengthy strengthy, bender mender contradicts rectangular turn: four left
arcangels make open polygon misery for the lucid laborer, celebrate the
luxury appearance on stage of superiority and make such highness king.

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