Bitter Will

Astringent is as bitter does
Human miser full of fuzz
Wanton judgments motive scorn
Fallow grudge emotions born

Wicker minds alit on sparks
Wicked hindsight shot at larks
Mocked by buzzards eating death
Shallow curses foul each breath

Well is deep a measure known
From this defecation throne
Metabolic radiation 
Stains the teeth with trepidation

Pounded sand yet hours glass
Refreshed by tidal lunar mass
Reconcile the hate and love
Opposites cannot but shove

Perfect forms are always storms
Thundermuck makes muddy norms
Cause effect may not repeat
Shepherd dog won't learn to bleat

Swallow whole and life is down
Rather tolls be bells than crowns
Mix in saffron up to haste
Chicory's imperfect taste

Artichoke but sheaf by sheaf
City smoke may yet go leaf
Hope won't hinder struggle pills
Consider taming bitter will

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