Words Over Money

Diction dictation dictates a course
Better than paid-for and vested remorse
Heard on the wind a rigid ridge rustle
Fail by your sins in the money height hustle

Tall Tallin lucid La Paz causally fallen mash-poll
Pizz-Oz, golden brick odes elegegory 
Nostalgia geography costly snore stories 
Flippant home flippers won't earn any nest

Files pinch the granary oatmeal West chest
Compass ionic electrode fake balance
Clarity victims require science-ish chalice
Messes were continents Faust took to work

Devil wins contracts besotted with smirks
Back in the spine was a place well described
Itemized polity voted for crime
I see, you saw, pen swordsmanship claws

Power is mythos via narrator's scrawl
Capital crypts will follow in death
Look always forward after last breath
Figures my grandchild is legacy ivy

Connivers regard that Machiavelli gloves
Come off that stagecoach and drive up to
Cars: strange combustions wander far 
From the purpose of my verses

Spark-bug re-snark hug a farcical kind
Spin-glug a drunk-rug dashed off vigor
Fire-barge retired larger pension manage
Fee free on fleabees buzzers huzzah

Words rule the monies but each are a brag
Plague on the houses with roofing unsagged
Principles also and faith is a sentence
Believe in the legends or take up with menace

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