Time Spindle

When I remember every event of my life thus far,
I become the past's monster, swampland, atmosphere
We merge into supercorp, a company who cares
Personhood is granted by decree from the ax-scepter 
Split first, as the wood to dry, and then burned into 
A mind aflame with reality

Integral being is a binding bookmaker
Both gambling and publishing feverish reams
Of scribbled scrawls and cautious bawls
Previously bandied at unsmiling length
Crawled, walked, taken for a ride
Until a return to home, shelved and aligned

Rounded edges be crammed 
Into the interstitial abstractions 
That imply the cut was never a gap
Mind the trap

You are a you that's I-level
While the second person might become a third
The first is responsible 
For unwrapping the gift 
Of every moment so far

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