Signal Alloys

Noise! Cognitive biases, passe exemplars of the idiots
Running around with high school diplomas
No retirement savings, drunk, voting publican
Bartender! Make me another shaken stir
I will have the straw with that, and extra cherries
That's the only way to be! 
Shred my papers, they are excrementing
Eh, incrimination, it's a living
Sparkles and fares, I've collected them all
Contractually, there's no reprint, only libel victories
Thank you, gander, that will be nine ninety nine a month
In cold hard credit to your family, shared entertainment
Suction, can you hear it? 
That's the internetch, devouring souls and friendships
Make it faster, better, more selective
And softly undermine the power
Of anything that might be opposed to me

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