Dressy Drawers

Deep in my chest
There is a heart,
And the paperwork
I probably won't need for years.
Sanded, varnished, 
These compartments
Keep mentalizations 
In their bay, 
As the big ocean
Can only hold 
So much salt.
Desalinization plants
The seeds of waste
In the minds of all technical hearers.
Unlimited! Vast! Enormities 
Unheralded by previous epochs.
Suited, tied, shiny shoes
Indicate that groups of three
Are only in the ears 
Of particular passive beholders.
Tighten up, son,
You have a responsibility
To the future family 
And your children's children.
Devolve your perfectibility 
To containability
And train your organization
To automatically store
That which has no use
In the moment you will seize.

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