Mentor Wisp

Wishes for guidance: 
Aristotle looms
Colon leads the ro
Thirded personification

Mint chances implicit permanence
A waypoint! A guide!
Please, I don't know what to ask
Not for help exactly; specifical support

Meandering has worked out fine
But educate me North
I wanton want the bill of health
Available by meant

To be across the table from
The expert in the way
Could but bestness poets see
My pantheon of hope

Possible potentiality 
A work-hard telescope
Show a way and light a path
Figured by your wise

That's the dream that never dies
While thousand years it takes
Journey's single step must go
From my frame's feet and legs

Sometimes wanting feeling faint
Lift me out of torp
Thinker writer artist friend
Love my wispy mist

Of course there will become a day
Reject you must I will
Tenses grammars sentence case
Caps and lowest base

But remember always mind
There we walked in shade
Back to sun with Icarus
Until I plunge again

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