Serious Game

Have you undertaken the work of life?
A true project, an expertise mere ten thousand hours away?
Small time artist, basket weaver, a middle school side show.
Pejorative kindnesses are undressings in disguise;
and nakedness is vulnerable to the wind.
Layer up, they say, you can always take that off.
And yet! That beautiful phrase.
Scorching undertone lain assumptions
To highlight their realities.
Yet another game! 
So, so serious.
And yet the rules, finitudes, and scratch paper
Ring like the bell
Signaling the end of any half.
Make up, win, lose, again;
Deconstruct this real reality 
With ill-intent.
You'll see the sameness
Staring at you from the top of the pool
And pull you in to shock your system
With the cold water of unserious everything.

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